Dr. Christian Veillette

Christian Veillette


University Appointments
Sep 2007 - Present
Associate Professor, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Hospital Appointments
Sep 2007 - Present
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

Jan 2008 - Present
Consultant - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre - Holland, Toronto, Ontario

Jan 2008 - Present
Consultant - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Altum Health, Toronto, Ontario

Jan 2008 - Present
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Women's College Hospital, Toronto, Ontario

July 2019 - Present
Division Head, Orthopaedic Surgery, UHN

July 2022 - Present
Nicki & Bryce Douglas Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery, UHN

Academic Appointments
Jan 2016 - Present
Clinician Investigator, Krembil Institute. Toronto, Ontario

Jul 2013 - Present
Director, DADOS Electronic Data Capture Program
(https://www.dadosproject.com), Techna Institute, Toronto, Ontario

Mar 2013 - Affiliated Faculty, Informatics and Communications Technologies, Techna Institute, Toronto, Ontario


(416) 603-5800 ext. 5929


(866) 223-6624

Affiliated Hospital(s)

Toronto Western Hospital (UHN)

Practice Location

Toronto Western Hospital
399 Bathurst Street, East Wing Rm 1-440
Toronto, ON  M5T 2S8

For clinical information and referrals visit UHN Shoulder & Elbow Services and ESPClinics.com


Stephanie Wyles


Degrees, Diplomas, Licensures and Certifications
Sep 1991 - Apr 1995 B.Sc., University of Calgary, Faculty of Science, Calgary, Alberta. Subject: Honors Biochemistry
Aug 1995 - Apr 1998 M.D., University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Calgary, Alberta
Jul 1998 - Jul 2005 FRCS(C), University of Toronto, Department of Surgery, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Toronto, Ontario
Jul 2000 - Nov 2002 M.Sc., University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Medical Sciences, Toronto, Ontario

Jul 2005 - Jun 2006 University of Toronto, Department of Surgery, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Toronto, Ontario. Supervisor(s): Dr. M. McKee. Subject: Upper Extremity Reconstruction & Trauma
Aug 2006 - Jul 2007 Mayo Clinic, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Rochester, Minnesota. Supervisor(s): Drs. R. Cofield, B. Morrey, S. O'Driscoll, J. Sanchez-Sotelo. Subject: Shoulder & Elbow Reconstructive Surgery

Areas of Specialty and Research Interests

Complex shoulder and elbow arthroscopic surgery

Achieving precision medicine and data driven integrated OA care through the development and successful implementation of: 1) a comprehensive research informatics platform that integrates clinical data, biobanking data, -omics data, decision support systems and predictive analytics; 2) a DAta Driven Outcome System (DADOS) to bridge the gap between translational OA research, patient reported outcomes and clinical care; and 3) mobile apps and web based technologies to enable novel models of care to be delivered and transform our health system for chronic disease management with OA as a model disease.