The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) has a long standing history of excellence in treating musculoskeletal disorders. The Paediatric Program sees patients with a wide range of congenital and acquired conditions – including spinal deformity, neuromuscular diseases, bone dysplasias, limb deficiencies, limb length discrepancy, major deformities, orthopaedic oncology and trauma.

We believe in providing exemplary, comprehensive care to successfully manage children with musculoskeletal conditions. Our aim is to integrate and coordinate the entire team involved in the patient’s care including patients and their families, physicians and other health professionals. This platform jointly builds on our scientific strength and promotes innovative research that advances scientific knowledge.

The Paediatric Program prides itself in having one of the most successful groups of academic orthopaedic surgeons. With our strong research background – from performing genetic studies to running clinical trials – we are able to make the connection across disciplines. With these strengths, we are able to move closer to achieving our ultimate goal of moving research quickly from the bench to the bedside. We are also determined to strengthen and expand training activities for our fellows, residents and students. We believe that the attainment of these objectives strengthens our position as a world leader in providing the highest quality musculoskeletal care to the children.

Our accomplishments have resulted in members of our Paediatric Program receiving various awards and honours, as well as receiving appointments in leadership positions at SickKids, the University of Toronto and in many national and international societies.