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This systematic review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) aims to compare important clinical, functional, and radiological outcomes between robotic-assisted total hip arthroplasty (RATHA) and conventional total hip arthroplasty (COTHA) in patients with hip osteoarthritis. We identified published RCTs comparing RATHA with COTHA in Ovid MEDLINE, EMBASE, Scopus, and Cochrane Library. Two reviewers independently performed study screening, risk of bias assessment and data extraction. Main...
CONCLUSION: Patients receiving surgery on Friday the 13th do not appear to fare worse than those treated on ordinary Fridays with respect to the composite outcome.
CONCLUSION: Three-column osteotomy usage in contemporary complex spinal deformities is generally limited to more disabled individuals undergoing the most severe sagittal and coronal realignment procedures. While there is an increased perioperative cost and prolongation of length of stay with usage, these techniques represent the most powerful realignment techniques available with a dramatic impact on normalization at operative levels and reciprocal changes.
CONCLUSION: This study provides preliminary support to an association between post-operative distal lumbar lordosis and risk of reoperation for ASD in patients undergoing fusions for degenerative conditions. Further multicentre prospective study is needed to independently confirm this association and identify the impact of restoration of physiological distal lumbar lordosis on long term patient outcomes.
CONCLUSION: Wound closure and dressings methods differ in the region. There are no current guidelines with these choices. Future studies should seek to standardize these choices.
CONCLUSIONS: In Uganda, non-adolescent pediatric trauma patients most commonly suffer injuries due to falls and road traffic crashes, resulting in high rates of abdominal trauma. Amid surgical workforce deficits and resource-variability, these data support interventions aimed at training adult general surgeons to provide emergency pediatric surgical care and procedures.
Older adults who are frail are one of the most sedentary and the least physically active age groups. Prolonged sedentary time is associated with increased risk of negative health outcomes. To help design effective and sustainable content and optimize the uptake of sedentary behaviour interventions, an in-depth understanding of older adults' perceptions of sedentary behaviour is needed; however, most qualitative studies have been conducted in healthy older adults. The aim of this study was to...