Medical Students

Undergraduate Medical Training

The Division of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Toronto takes pride in its role in undergraduate medical education. The University of Toronto clerkship is divided into a number of medical and specialty rotations such as medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and surgery.

The surgical module of clerkship is currently 8 weeks. It begins with an introduction to surgery called the “prelude to surgery”. This involves a series of didactic and technical exercises designed to provide medical student with instrumental skills for their surgery rotation. This is followed by two 3-week clinical rotations in General surgery and a selective of the student’s choice. The final week is a review and preparation week for the final exam.

The Division of Orthopedic Surgery welcomes medical students looking to gain insight and training in orthopaedic surgery during the three-week selective. Medical students will be assigned to clinics, operating room, and on-call duties. Students will have the opportunity to interact with other medical students, orthopedic residents, orthopedic fellows, as well as staff surgeons.