2023 Gallie Day

The Department of Surgery would like to invite you to its 49th Gallie Day on Friday May 5th, 2023.


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Event Chair: Dr. Michael Fehlings, Vice Chair Research

Session Coordinators: Dr. J. Andrea McCart and Renata Musa

8:00 AM – Opening Remarks – Dr. Michael G. Fehlings, Dr. Carol Swallow, Vice Dean Justin Nodwell

Gallie-Bateman, McMurrich and Translational Research Presentations

Session Chair: Dr. Amin Madani, Endocrine and Acute Care Surgery, Division of General Surgery, University Health Network, Toronto

8:15 AM Justin Z. Wang (SSTP), Vikas Patil, Farshad Nassiri, Gelareh Zadeh: Comprehensive genomic characterization of CDKN2A alterations in meningiomas

8:30 AM Hyo Jin Son, Denise W. Gee, David Gomez, James Jung: The obesity paradox revisited: is obesity still a protective factor for patients with severe comorbidities or in high-risk operations?

8:45 AM Julia Nomikos,et al,  J Ted Gerstle,  James M Drake, Rebecca Gladdy: The impact of magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound generated hyperthermia and chemotherapy on the immune profile of a murine model of rhabdomyosarcoma

9:00 AM Dave Mealiea (SSTP), Gary Yu, Lili Li, Jason Fish, Andrea McCart: In vivo drug screening of tumor, immune, and vascular response within the tumor microenvironment

9:15 AM Jen Dorsey, et al, Peter Ferguson, Kim Tsoi, Jay Wunder, Rebecca Gladdy, David Shultz: Characterizing hypoxia associated genetic features in extremity soft tissue sarcoma

9:30 AM Sneha Raju (SSTP), et al,  Jason E Fish, Kathryn L Howe: Endothelial cells communicate with surrounding vascular cells through polarized release of extracellular vesicles containing distinct cargo: implications for atherosclerotic plaque development

9:45 E-Poster Presentations

Walter W. Fondren III Presidential Distinguished Chair, DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery; Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery, Houston Methodist, Weill Cornell Medical College, Houston, Texas

“Imaging, Imaging and More Imaging – How Digital Visualization is Revolutionizing Surgical Care”

11:45 AM LUNCH

12:30 PM SYMPOSIUM: Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Imaging as Drivers of Surgical Innovation

CHAIR: Dr. Michael G. Fehlings, Vice Chair Research

12:30 PM Dr. Julie Hallet: Sharper Insight, Better Outcomes: Harnessing the Potential of Advanced Imaging for Performing and Teaching HPB Surgery

12:45 PM Dr. Mojgan Hodaie: AI-enhanced decision-making: transforming our approach to the neurosurgical treatment of pain

1:00 PM Dr. Amin Madani: Computer Vision for Augmentation of Operative Performance

1:15 PM Dr. Dale Podolsky: Towards robotic craniofacial surgery

1:30 PM Dr. Victor Yang: Towards an integrated surgical microscopy and robotics platform

1:45 PM Panel

2:00 PM E-Poster Presentations

Gallie-Bateman, McMurrich and Translational Research Presentations

Session Chair: Dr. Chaya Shwaartz, Abdominal Transplant & HPB Surgical Oncology, Associate Director, Abdominal Transplant & HPB Fellowship, University Health Network and University of Toronto

3:00 PM Takamasa Koga, et al, Alexander Gregor, Kazuhiro Yasufuku: Establishment of lung cancer organoids using ebus-tbna specimens via xenograft tumor

3:15 PM Malak Elbatarny (SSTP), etl al, Bo Wang, Maral Ouzounian, Anthony O Gramolini: Integrative phosphoproteomic analysis reveals human thoracic aortic aneurysms differ by anatomic segment: conventional & machine learning analysis

3:30 PM Hillary Lia, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Frank Rudizcz, Carol-Anne Moulton: The role of operating room professions in setting the tone for teamwork: a constructivist grounded theory study

3:45 PM Nebras M. Warsi (SSTP), et al.,  George M. Ibrahim: Closed-loop decoding and control of attention in children

4:00 PM Ananya Gopika Nair, Vasily Giannakeas, John L Semple, Steven A Narod, David W Lim: Contemporary trends in breast reconstruction use and impact on survival among women with inflammatory breast cancer

4:15 PM Amine Mazine (SSTP); Alexander A. Mikryukov; Michael A. Laflamme; Terrence M. Yau; Gordon Keller: Generation of the cardiac valve lineage from human pluripotent stem cells

4:30 PM Wrap-up/Closing Remarks – Dr. Michael Fehlings & Dr. Carol Swallow

Friday May 5, 2023 – Gordon Murray Lectureship Dinner ♦ Omni King Edward Hotel
Sovereign Ballroom, 37 King St E, ♦ 7 pm Reception8 pm Dinner & Awards Ceremony
Admission $125 per person

Gallie Day 2023 is an accredited group learning activity as defined by
the Maintenance of Certification Program of The Royal College of
Physicians and Surgeons of Canada