Results from CaRMS match

Dear Colleagues,
We have recently received good news about the 2020 CaRMS match.

We had some concerns because the number of applicants to Orthopaedics around the country was down approximately 30%. This is likely multifactorial, with the job market and lifestyle being two of the more important deciding factors in career decisions for medical students. As a result, the number of postgraduate training spots in Canada exceeded the number of applicants, which would result in unmatched training spots. As the largest program in Canada, we were anticipating this possibility in our program.

Fortunately this did not come to fruition for us as we matched all of our spots with very high quality candidates. Please join me in welcoming to the program our newest residents, who will be starting their training July 1, 2020:

  • Sean Davison
  • Leila Farahdel
  • Anthony Giuliano
  • Sam Keshen
  • Yue Yuen
  • Joshua Atkinson
  • Brent Bates
  • Caroline Cristofaro
  • Shu Yang Hu
  • Annemarie Versteeg

Our success in this match speaks volumes about the sustained quality of our program and our resident body. Thank you to all who participated in the match process!

Best regards,

Peter C. Ferguson MD MSc FRCSC FAOA
Albert and Temmy Latner Chair,
Division of Orthopaedics, Department of Surgery
University of Toronto


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