Congratulations to Drs. Khoshbin, Wasserstein, and Ravi on the US DOD POST Injury Trial Grant

On behalf of Dr. Albert Yee, Research Director

“The POST Injury trial – Placebo vs. Oxandrolone treatment following high energy femur and tibia fractures” is a double blind randomized trial that aims to establish the efficacy of pharmaceutical treatment to minimize muscle atrophy after these injuries.

While we are good at getting bones to heal with modern treatment, many of these patients still have poor outcomes often driven by muscle weakness. This RCT is international with Sunnybrook as the lead site, and includes St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto (Dr. Amir Khoshbin, site PI) and Walter Reed Hospital (Dr. Scott Tintle). Sunnybrook’s Dr. David Wasserstein (study and site PI) and Dr. Bheeshma Ravi (study Co-PI) have secured over 2 million dollars (CAN) in funding from the US Department of Defense. This study is a truly collaborative Sunnybrook effort with co-investigators from Burn Surgery, PM&R, MSK Radiology, Internal Medicine and Neurology.

Recruitment is expected to begin in Spring 2022.