Congratulations to Sevan Hopyan and Mohit Kapoor

Dear Colleagues,
I am delighted to inform you that two of our faculty members, Sevan Hopyan and Mohit Kapoor, were both successful in the Fall 2019 CIHR Grants competition. As all of you know, this is an extremely competitive environment for peer review funding, especially through the CIHR.

Sevan received 5 years of funding for his project “Biophysical control of mesenchymal morphogenesis in the mammalian embryo”.

Mohit received one year of funding to study “Role and therapeutic potential of MicroRNA-34a-5p in knee osteoarthritis”.

Please join me in congratulating both Sevan and Mohit on these outstanding achievements!

Peter C. Ferguson MD MSc FRCSC FAOA
Albert and Temmy Latner Chair,
Division of Orthopaedics, Department of Surgery
University of Toronto

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