2017 Research Day Photo Gallery

We held an enjoyable Annual University Division of Orthopaedics Research Day (Thursday, November 30th).

Peter and I would like to thank city-wide faculty that have contributed valued time in assisting with our resident research education sessions (Drs. Simon Kelley, Paul Kuzyk, Tim Dwyer; Drs. Tim Leroux and Cari Whyne; Drs. Richard Jenkinson and Bheeshma Ravi). Many thanks to the PGY-2s for their time in preparation and presentation of their research proposals. Dr. Ted Miclau was an excellent visiting professor from USCF who contributed significantly towards research discussions throughout the day. He gave an excellent Keynote talk on pearl’s and the importance of passion in orthopaedic surgery and research, how to build a program of research for the aspiring Surgeon-Scientist, as well as highlighting the clinical relevance of translational research stemming from understanding vascularity as important to long bone fracture healing. Thanks to all the senior residents for their excellent presentations of completed research and please join me as we congratulate trainee research awards arising from the day:

Robin Sullivan Memorial Award (Best Research Paper Presentation at Research Day)

Dr. Marissa Bonyun
Hemiarthroplasty versus reverse total shoulder arthroplasty for the management of proximal
humerus fractures in the elderly – a retrospective review of a large population database
Supervisor (Dr. Aaron Nauth)

Outstanding Research Award Presentations

Dr. Jason Shrouder-Henry
Evaluation of the early postoperative healthcare utilization metrics following radius and
ulna corrective osteotomy
Supervisor (Dr. Heather Baltzer)

Dr. James Higgins
Conventional follow-up versus mobile app home monitoring for post-operative ACL
reconstruction patients: a randomized controlled trial
Supervisor (Dr. John Theodoropoulos)

Sincerely yours,

Albert JM Yee
Vice Chair of Research
University Division of Orthopaedic Surgery