2021 Wellness Dinner

The first annual Wellness Week was a huge success. In discussion with multiple residents across the program, this week was very well received, and helped with our overall wellness as a group.

Residents took their days off to catch up on life outside of orthopedics – whether it was seeing family and friends, arranging personal appointments, catching up on sleep, exercising, working on research/fellowship planning, playing hockey, golfing, or putting new fuel lines in their vintage scooter named “Ruby”. It was great to have PGY years spend time together in groups, which has been especially limited in recent years given the pandemic. Residents were able to enjoy a meal with 2-3 of their staff of choice, which was the biggest highlight of the day for most. To bring the resident body together as a whole, a WhatsApp group was created where residents could share photos from their wellness days.

At the end of the week, each resident received a custom U of T Ortho water bottle with hopes of increasing our water intake as a group going forward. The week ended with a potluck at Coronation Park where residents across all PGY years stopped in with their families for good food, drinks, and outdoor games. We are looking forward to celebrating this annually, aiming to keep wellness at the forefront of our residency program.